Seething Airfield 1943 - 2007.

The 448th Bomb Group operated from  Station 146 Seething in World War 2. Situated in the restored control tower here is a museum dedicated to the history of the airfield and the surrounding area. Today this private airfield is very active and fully operational.

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   Station 146 Tower Association. Seething Airfield Norfolk. 

The Seething airfield control tower museum is leased to the Tower Association by the Waveney Flying Group. It has become a living memorial to the members of the 448th Bomb Group. Historian Patricia Everson has a large collection of WW2 photographs, veterans personal stories and diaries that can be seen on open days. There are Uniforms, models and other memorabilia on display. Members of the Tower Association carry out all maintenance in their own time. Veterans and their descendants are always welcome at the Tower. The museum is open to everyone on the first Sunday of each month from May to October, 10am - 5pm. Admission is free and both parties and school visits are welcome and can be arranged at other times by appointment.

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                The Waveney Flying Group. Wingtask 1995 Limited.                             

 Take a look at the Waveney Flying Club web site, and see how much wonderful work has been put into this modern operational airfield that is only just across the field from 1943. Founded with the aim of making flying and flying training accessible to 'the man in the street' (whoever he or she may be!). This excellent site is constantly updated and has lots of pictures. There are two levels of membership; Flying Membership and Social Membership. Flying Membership is available to Existing Pilots and Student Pilots and provides all the benefits expected from an airfield. Social Membership is available to those waiting to join as a Student Pilot, those unable to fly any longer, and anyone else having that GA bug.   A willingness to assisting with the maintenance of the airfield and club house, and helping out with special events  is expected from all members. Charity events and air shows have raised several thousand pounds every year, and many disabled children have been given a flying fun day of their own.

 Personal Interests.      I am Very interested in the old airfields and aircraft that saw service in Norfolk during WW2. I am very proud to be a committee member of The Seething Control Tower Association, and also a Social Member of the Waveney Flying Group. My aim is to show you how the two groups work together on well organised charity events and open days, and the maintenance of the airfield, old and new.      New members are very  welcome at Station 146. come and see us.  

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